Membership Forms

Membership, Online Renewal & Initial Membership

Membership: HHFSC membership, which includes USFSA membership, begins July 1st and runs through June 30th. Sign up for the 2017 – 18 season is available now. HHFSC Membership categories and fees are:

  • Individual                        $  80.00
  • Family of 2                      $120.00
  • Family of 3+                    $140.00
  • Coach                             $  65.00
  • Associate Individual        $  80.00
  • Introductory individual    $  25.00
  • Introductory family of 2   $ 45.00

We require that the primary member be over 18 years of age to enable voting on Club issues.  If you are registering a child under 18, please enroll a parent/guardian as the primary family member.  Thank you.

Online Membership Form : 2017-2018

Online membership allows for payment of fees by credit card via Stripe.

Waiver and Release form.  This form is required by USFSA for membership. Please print this form, complete it and upload it with your membership application.

For questions, please contact Mary Farley.

The Club

Hickory HIll skaters skate at two locations:   The Harvey School rink in Katonah, NY and the Palisades Mall rink in Nyack, NY.  There are free-style sessions at The Harvey School rink according to this schedule.  The Palisades rink schedule for free-style sessions is here.

Hickory Hill is very adult-skater friendly. Approximately 1/4 of our skating members are Adults. To qualify as an adult skater, you must be 25 or over (there is also a competitive Young Adults category, ages 18-25).

Adult Figure Skaters have many opportunities in the Hickory Hill Figure Skating Club. Great support is given to everyone in the HHFSC community. You may learn to skate and advance your skills in classes and by professional coaching. The Club offers testing on your skills with levels for Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Master Novice, Master Junior, and Master Senior. This may be as a solo skater, as a pair, or a team.

Hickory Hill is represented by adult skaters in Freestyle, Dance, Synchronized and Ice Theater. Some skaters are recreational, some are competitive, but all skaters are very supportive of one another.

Ice Dance – We may be best known for our Adult Ice Dance. Our after-work and weekend sessions have been very popular with adults for serious and recreational practice, socializing and unwinding after a busy week. Did you know the ‘Hickory Hoedown’ was invented at this club? We like Dance!

Competing – You may wish to compete with other adults and competitions abound! See the competitions calendar on the website for local events, and events around the country. The United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) has set up test and competition standards for adult skaters, and each year the Adult National Figure Skating Championships are held, bringing together over 1000 skaters from all over the country for a week of skating and camaraderie. They compete by test and age level. The age category IV – 55 years and over – was added this year. Over the past few years the Hickory Hill FSC has been represented, and has won medals, at Adult Nationals in both Dance and Freestyle.

Adult Mentoring Program – If you are an HHFSC Adult Skating member new to competing and testing and would like some guidance in understanding the ins and outs of the Adult skating world we can help.